Dance and Health


My practice begins with integration of body and mind, along with enabling a harmonious learning and creative environment. This acknowledgement materialises through guided explorations, promoting an acceptance  of  ‘being in the moment’.  While providing time and space for an element of surprise, often enabling authentic movement to take form.

Whilst drawing upon improvisation as a means of initiating movement enquiry. My love of movement play holds the key to a number of settings with which I work. This includes:

  • Mental Health Charities and Trusts
  • One-to-one movement improvisations
  • Parent and Toddler Dance: To strengthen parental confidences and development of community engagement.
  • Children’s Hospital Wards and isolation bays
  • Children’s Hospices
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Movement for participants with Alzheimer’s
  • Over 50’s library groups
  • Collaborations with Hospital Play Specialists and Physiotherapists on ward rounds.
  • Movement collaborations with Dance Movement Therapists
  • Project writing with Dance Scientists

I continue to investigate the relationship of movement and dance in health care settings. Exploring collaborative skills sharing opportunities, whilst observing and learning from the visible, often subtle benefits branching out through arts engagement to people in rehabilitation, nearing end of life, bereaved families, support for people with mental health illness, social isolation.

I am highly motivated to continue nurturing and supporting the shifting role of the dance artist. Providing artistic freedom, emotional stability and space for reflective practice.

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